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Let’s Go to Vegas! 7 Songs to Prep For Your Night Out

Posted on September 25, 2015

When one thinks of a corporate city, New York, Toronto and Chicago come to mind. When one thinks of a charming city, Paris, Montreal and London may come to mind. But when one thinks party city, there is only one that comes to mind: Las Vegas.  las vegas animated GIF Saturday nights are made for having fun and letting loose. Though many of us wish we could spend every weekend in Vegas, it ain’t that easy! As money, passports, american legal age, and all that jazz make it real difficult to actually get to and enjoy Vegas, we’ve got the next best thing. Here’s 7 songs that make you think you’re in Vegas – and the best part? You won’t lose any money at the casino or wake up married…okay we can’t promise. Press play at your house party, predrink, while you’re getting ready, or HEY even during the SNL commercials for an added punch: 7- Lil Wayne “Lollipop”

6- Snoop Dogg “Signs”

5- Sheryl Crow “Leaving Las Vegas”

  4- Katy Perry “Waking Up In Vegas”

  3- The Killers “Shot At The Night”

  2- Sam Smith “Money On My Mind”

1- Ellie Goulding “On My Mind”