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UPDATE: Drake’s Viral ‘The 6 (God) Is Watching’ Billboard

Posted on November 05, 2015

Looks like the long-awaited Views From The 6 is happening…perhaps sooner than we think?? About two weeks ago, a mysterious billboard popped up in Toronto, Drake‘s beloved hometown, which in the past has meant an upcoming album announcement. The billboard is simple and to the point, reading “The 6 (God) is watching,” located in a high traffic area, above the Toronto Gardiner Expressway. Fans immediately noticed: fan 1 fan 2 Looks like Drake sure knows how to get the crowd talking; provided by Clear Channel Canada, here’s a few highlights of the Billboard performance:

  • Earned media impressions in 7 days (Nov. 3 to 10): 86.72 million
  • Unique mentions on Twitter: 8,952
  • Total impressions on Twitter: 67.8 million
  • Total impressions on Facebook: 18.8 million
  • Total impressions on Instagram: 45K
  • Story was covered on major news outlets: Time, GQ, MTV, Billboard, Complex, Pitchfork, CBC, MuchMusic
  • Primetime television coverage: CTV News