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Complete Album Review: Ellie Goulding 'Delirium'

Posted on November 06, 2015

“Part of me views this album as an experiment – to make a big pop album,” Ellie Goulding confesses. “I made a conscious decision that I wanted it to be on another level.”

Delirium marks a departure from Ellie’s previous sound in albums Lights and Halcyon. With 16-tracks on the standard edition and 25 on its deluxe format, the introduction embodies powerful operatic vocals, which then transitions into two up-beat and catchy tracks “Aftertaste” and “Something in the Way You Move.”

ellie goulding, delirium, album, deluxe,

Though the album begins with many of Ellie’s iconic sparkly meets dark tracks fueled with sharp hooks, such as “Keep On Dancin’,” Codes” and hit single “On My Mind”, there are a number of slower tracks feature on the album as well. If you enjoy softer ballads such as hit “Love Me Like You Do,” which peaked at Number 1 on the Canadian Billboard Top 40, spent four weeks on the UK Singles Charts and was the most-streamed track in a single week in the UK, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy tracks “Army,” “The Greatest,” “Winner” and “Heal.”

ellie goulding, delirium, album, deluxe,

After one listen to the production and songwriting on Delirium, you’ll have a hard time arguing that the album isn’t a winner. In fact, it is hard to resist looping the album. Our particular favourites: “Holding On For Life” and “Around U.”

ellie goulding, delirium, album, deluxe,