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Grimes Covers FLARE – Last Interview Ever?

Posted on December 02, 2015

Grimes’ last interview ever? Pop music’s edgy punk princess and producer, Claire Boucher (better known as Grimes) is FLARE‘s chosen cover girl; but this is not what she wants. In fact, she revealed it may be her last interview ever, so pay close attention. grimes_flarecover

The Vancouver-born, Montreal-raised artist states her deep disinterest in being a cover subject as she’s had enough of fittings, photo shoots and all the extra stuff that comes with the industry that isn’t directly related to making music: “I feel like the media has killed Grimes…[what with the] degree to which my craft and my project has been belittled and turned into something unrecognizable.” Many of you may be wondering why she was chatting with FLARE; She explains: “I set it all up; I have to follow through. But these will be my last interviews ever, probably. No offence to you—I’m sure you’re super nice.” grimes, flare

The 27-year-old has just released her fourth album, Art Angels, following her 2012 Visions, a trance and up-beat art-pop album that put her name on the music map and art world at large. Not only did Jay Z sign her to Roc Nation as a result of Visions success, the fashion industry welcomed her with open arms, featured multiple times in Vogue as well as having been dressed by Dior, Rodarte and Louis Vuitton. If her music and fashion sense isn’t enough to sell her, she has a complete personality of her own; fans admire her witty and bold presence on social media (check out these Tweets). grimes, flare Art Angels is similar to Visions in that it’s “weird, synthy, beat fuelled,” as FLARE put it perfectly. If you’ve listened to Visions, one thing you can except is a little more on this album is a purer pop sound and much less noisier elements. Boucher writes, performs and produces her own songs: “Singing is the thing I’m least confident about,” she tells FLARE. “For me, the part that’s fulfilling is working on the instrumentals and the beats and the music,” she says. “It’s really, really important to me to be the producer and be in charge. That’s what I get meaning from.” Her Montreal avant-garde roots are evident: artsy, hard-working and constantly searching intriguing angles. In fact, Boucher admits that living in Los Angeles has certainly helped her career, though Montreal’s “where my heart is.” For more photos and the full cover story, click here.