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RECAP: Justin Bieber #PurposeInTO

Posted on December 08, 2015

Last night a lucky 1,500 fans got to see Justin Bieber play The Danforth Music Hall, in Toronto. While 1,500 might sound like a lot, this acoustic show was one of the most intimate for Bieber fans. Not only did Bieber come sans set-list, playing whichever songs felt right to him in the moment — including Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, and The Beatles “Let It Be,”, but he also went into the crowd and passed his microphone to fans for questions. After answering Sour Patch Kids as his favourite candy, we have a feeling we’re not the only ones that went to get a pack at the end of the show. But even before the show started, HOURS before, fans lined Danforth Avenue, ready for their favourite Ontario-born guy: Bieber2 Bieber3 Bieber4 Bieber5 As soon as they were allowed in, every single person ran to the stage & prepared for the fact that this REALLY was about to happen. Justin Bieber was about to be in the same room as them! And then he walked in… Bieber9 Bieber7 The night was one for the books. Starting with “What Do You Mean?” and playing a few more gems off of Purpose, including “Love Yourself,” and “Sorry,” it was such a treat to also see Bieber play a few oldies — but always goodies. It was especially a dream come true for the 16 year-old birthday girl he brought on stage for a little reminiscent “One Less Lonely Girl.” In time for the holiday season too, Bieber did a few Christmas songs, making fans wish they were “Under the Mistletoe.” Bieber8 Bieber12 Bieber10 Bieber14 The show, which sold out in under one minute, and was live-streaming globally, lasted almost 90 minutes, benefited Stratford House of Blessings, a non-profit Bieber’s family once used that offers resources to low income families and individuals.

And for fans watching, either at the venue or at home, who want to take a piece of the show home with them…they actually can! The black and white patterned backdrop by Toronto artist Jimmy Chiale is being sliced into sections and being sold as part of a bundle — Which you can get here! 20151207 Justin Bieber at The Danforth Music Hall-1981 20151207 Justin Bieber at The Danforth Music Hall-1988 20151207 Justin Bieber at The Danforth Music Hall-1984 Thank you to Justin Bieber and Dan Kanter for giving us the acoustic performance we were all dreaming of. Bieber20 Here’s a few more pictures we snapped of the unforgettable night that was #PurposeInTO: Bieber15 Bieber17 Bieber6 Bieber16 Bieber13