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LYRIC VIDEO: Of Monsters and Men – Wolves Without Teeth

Posted on December 15, 2015

If you’re an Of Monsters and Men fan, you’ve definitely heard “Wolves Without Teeth” a few times when listening to their album Beneath The Skin. As the fourth track off the BTS, we’ve gotta admit it’s one of our favourites. OMAM even admitted once that it was the hardest to write, which makes us appreciate it that much more – as it seems so perfect and efortless; you never really stop to think about the writing process behind it.

Today the band delivered us with the perfect gift right in time for for the holiday season, one of their epic lyric videos! And y-e-s, you’ve guessed correctly, it is for “Wolves Without Teeth.”  Watch it right here:

And the real question here…cause we know you’re all thinking it. Is the girl in the video a twin? Or did they duplicate her? We can’t figure it out!