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Meet BØRNS: The Artist Taylor Swift is Raving About

Posted on December 22, 2015

It was almost a year ago when Taylor Swift gave him some sweet social media love:

So 'Electric Love' by Børns sounds like an instant classic to me….. #justsayingggg @garrettborns

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But it’s his sugary tunes that kept us coming back for more. BORNS_Dopamine We recently had the chance to sit down with Garrett Borns, or BØRNS as you might know him better as – and what a treat it was. With long locks and effortless style some only dream of, BØRNS walked into the room with a contagious smile, and politely shook everyone’s hand. While the singer-songwriter was born in Michigan, he’s got that California chill written all over him, and we immediately wanted to be best friends. With that being said, we played a little game to break the ice:

If you’ve never heard a BØRNS song before, the best way we can describe it is: psychedelic pop. When you press play, you know you’re in modern day and listening to music produced post-millennium, but every once in a while you wonder if you’re secretly wearing bell bottoms and perfecting Twiggy’s eye makeup. Take a listen here – you might see what we mean: After playing a little game, and discovering his hysterical witty humour, we thought we should maybe ask some more serious questions. Find out about BØRNS first gig (which wasn’t playing music), the story behind song title “10,000 Emerald Pools” and more about his debut album, Dopamine here: