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Fall Out Boy ft Demi Lovato? Totally "Irresistible"

Posted on January 05, 2016

Fall Out Boy pulled a page out of NSYNC’s iconic book — what are we talking about? Raise your hand if you remember the “It’s Gonna Be Me” video. regina-george-fall-out-boy Come on, don’t pull a Regina George…we know you all remember (and absolutely love) it. Time to re-live it!!!! Fall Out Boy’s created an equally doll-tastic video featuring one of our favourite females, Demi Lovato? Totally obsessed. Watch the “Irresistible” video below. SPOILER ALERT: There’s a special cameo from NSYNC alum Chris Kirkpatrick & Joey Fatone [vevo]USUV71502956[/vevo] Listen to Fall Out Boy’s album American Beauty/American Psycho right here: