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Our New Favourite Music Video: Johnny Reid's "Honey Honey"

Posted on January 26, 2016

The latest Johnny Reid video for “Honey Honey” takes it to a place you might not have expected! While the beginning starts off with loved ones saying goodbye to their family members living in a retirement home, don’t pull out the tissues just yet.

Before you know it, the seniors are sneaking out of their rooms, JR transforms himself into “Uncle Ronnie Reid,” and very quickly the whole place turns in to a fiesta!


Etalk sat down with Johnny Reid to discuss the story behind the video:

“I think sometimes we tend to think places like this are sad and lonely… and I thought it would be wonderful to take a look at that and what might be happening when the lights go out.” 

The real question we have is, how do we get invited to the next Uncle Ronnie Reid party?!

We recently sat down with the “Honey Honey” singer to play a little game of This or That:

Love what you hear? Listen to Johnny Reid’s full album What Love Is All About here: