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Watch "How"- Daughter's New 'Nightmarish' Video

Posted on March 01, 2016

Daughter, the London-based trio consisting of Elena (vocals, guitar), Igor (guitar) and Remi (drums), have released the final of three videos for their stunning single, “How.

The single off their second studio album, Not To Disappear, follows a music video theme the band has been working with. The band sent songs, “Doing the Right Thing,” “Numbers” and “How,” to “Ten Stories About Smoking” writer Stuart Evers. Evers wrote three short stories, which were then used as basis for the videos. The one written for “How“, is called “5,040,” which refers to the number of ways the woman in the video can lock her door. Watch the video here:

Notice a red dress that you’ve might have seen before? Entirely intentional. The band explained to Speakeasy that this red dress was used in all three of their videos, as a common thread. The dress in “How,” is a symbol up for interpretation.

“I love the fact that [the video] wasn’t necessarily about the song,” says Daughter‘s guitarist & vocalist Elena Tonra. “There’s a surreal army of women in red dresses that turn toward her. It feels quite nightmarish.” 

Daughter is gearing up for a North American tour in support of Not to Disappear. Prepare for their upcoming Canadian dates, including popular music festival Osheaga, by listening to their album: