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We Shared A Magical Evening With Daughter in TO

Posted on March 09, 2016

In case it wasn’t wildly obvious, live music is kind of our thing. We can’t help but crave it. There’s something about watching a band perform our favourite song, with a group of people who love it as much as we do that’s just addictive. We fed our habit with whimsical sounds from Daughter at their second sold out Toronto show. And my goodness, it was perfect. Daughter-Not-To-Disappear As the lights came on, lead singer Elena Tonra’s vocals filled The Danforth Music Hall, and the chatter that was there prior, entirely faded. The audience was there to hear one thing, and one thing only: the band. Daughter wove together songs from their latest album Not To Disappear, including “Alone/With You,” “How,” “Doing The Right Thing,” and older popular songs such as “Home.” IMG_6486 The audience wasn’t one who held their cameras high in the sky trying to capture photos to post online; they were the kind of audience that sang every word and took in every moment as a memory. One of the times they got the loudest was when Daughter performed “Youth,” off 2013 release,”If You Leave.” Immediately following the song there was a standing ovation (yes, we still count it as such even though the audience in GA were already standing!! It was that epic).

Daughter was honoured to be playing a second sold out show in Toronto; Elena softly said thank you numerous times throughout the night. While her words were fragile in conversation, her commanding voice & powerful lyrics sent shivers down our spine — especially during the last lyrics of “SmotherI sometimes wish I’d stayed inside my mother; Never to come out. The night was one for the books for any fan that lined the sold out room. We’re certainly still smiling at the thought of it. Next up: festival season. We personally can’t wait to Daughter in the sun at Osheaga!