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Arkells' Frontman, Max Kerman Explains "Private School" Lyrics

Posted on May 09, 2016

Arkells are back with brand new music & our hearts have warmed from bright pink to a deep red. What are we trying to say, in like simpler terms? WE’RE BIG FANS! Once you hear “Private School” we know you’ll understand. Pretty sure these Hamilton, Ontario natives can do no wrong.

Wanna go behind the lyrics? Frontman, Max Kerman is entirely transparent in what went behind the new single & has broke the whole song down on




See Max’s full notes on the “Private School” lyrics, here!

We had the opportunity to step behind the scenes at the Arkells video shoot for this genius new single; and without giving too many details away we must say: it included almost getting our heads chopped off by a green screen, multiple slices of pizza and maybe eyebrow tweezing…aka it was the perfect afternoon! Take a look:

Look out for Arkells’ upcoming album, Morning Report – set to debut on August 5th 🙂