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Alessia Cara Joins Troye Sivan On A New Version Of "WILD"

Posted on June 23, 2016

We’ve been literally playing this on repeat since it arrived this morning and…just wow. We knew we loved Troye Sivans “WILD,” but with this new addition of Alessia Cara, the song is breathing new life into us

Did you catch the new lyrics? Right as Alessia Cara‘s verse comes in (right after the 1min mark), we’re hit with a wave of the most perfect lyrics we could think of:

We’re alike, you and I, two blue hearts locked in our wrong minds.
So can we make the most out of no time? Can you hold me?
Can you make me leave my demons and my broken pieces behind?

Why’s it so perfect? If you follow either Alessia or Troye on any form of social media, you know that the blue heart emoji is their favourite emoji.

Further evidence? We played a round of Newly Friends with Alessia Cara and with Troye Sivan, and they BOTH said the blue heart emoji was their fave.

We love it. And it seems the duo are just as excited as we are about this “WILD” collab!



Anyone taste a “WILD” video coming soon?

They do seem to have been hanging out a lot recently…in like a really pretty-not-just-recording way!! For example, Alessia posted this pic on Instagram:


But who knows? We’ll just be over here looping Troye Sivan‘s “WILD featuring Alessia Cara for the rest of the week 🙂