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Shawn Mendes Gives Us A Behind The Scenes Look At "Treat You Better"

Posted on July 19, 2016

Shawn Mendes recently released his video for “Treat You Better”, a video that DEFINITELY had much more meaning behind it than what met our eyes.

The video follows a girl in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, while Shawn is trapped in a motel room. Some may wonder why the video didn’t have the happy ending we were expecting, so Shawn explains to us the reasoning behind the visuals in a new Buzzfeed exclusive “Behind the Scenes.”

On the main girl in the video, Shawn explains: “This girl is in an abusive relationship with this guy and you kind of see her struggle with, ‘Do I love him?’ [and] what she goes through, kind of rebelling a bit.”

He also goes on to give us a hint about the upcoming videos from his September 23rd release Illuminate: “I’m excited to film the rest of the album’s music videos actually now, after this. It’s going to be cool ‘cause we’re being very specific about details in the music videos and if people pay really good attention, they’ll see a bunch of connections, which is exciting.”

Watch the full video for “Treat You Better” below!