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LANY | WAYHOME 2016 Artist Spotlight

Posted on July 21, 2016

The rising trio, LANY, are a part of the amazing lineup at WAYHOME 2016, and we’re ecstatic to see them! Aside from being in love with the hit song “ILYSB“, their repertoire includes a handful of songs with that summer love vibe that’s perfect for the weekend with your friends at the festival. Haven’t heard of them yet? You won’t regret taking a listen, trust us.

FUN FACT: Wondering what ILYSB stands for? I love you so bad.

The trio of friends actually became a band quite accidentally, when lead singer Paul needed the other two members’ help, Les and Jake, on making a demo. Once put up on Soundcloud, major labels started contacting the three, asking for more music, which is when the trio presented the hit single “ILYSB”. This is where LANY came to become a group, and they signed with Polydor Records. “ILYSB” became an instant hit among fans and the internet community, and LANY started creating waves of new wave electronica music for the young and in love.

Make sure to check out LANY‘s music on Spotify below: