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Posted on July 24, 2016

The sun was EXTRA strong on day two–nothing SPF100 couldn’t hold off. Helping us forget about the scorching heat was X Ambassadors–the infectious energy found in songs like “Renegades” and “Unsteady” completely captivated us (and brought us close to some new friends in the crowd!) The chemistry within the band is bar none and we thank them for giving us their all!

After X Ambassadors took the stage we met up with frontman, Sam, to play a little game of Most Likely–festival edition. This was actually so much fun 🙂 Side note: someone should create an app called find your wallet! What are we talking about? Watch and find out…

The barricades for the Half Moon Run venue were barely able to contain the hordes of people prying to see the band. Hearing standouts from the recent sophomore album Sun Leads Me On like “Trust” and “Turn Your Love” was nothing short of perfection. When it comes to connection, Half Moon Run still felt intimate, as if it was a 50-person venue vs. a thousand dancing bodies!

Tonight was a super special night with the Arkells. Not only did the band mention on stage that they’ve had Wayhome circled in their calendar for 6 months (twinsies), but it was the first time we got to hear their latest track, “Drake’s Dad,” performed live. On top of this, they covered “My Music At Work,” by The Tragically Hip and it was a really special moment. We’ve been at a lot of shows, especially this weekend, and Arkells was honestly one of our highlights. The band, hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, had the crowd dancing more than ever. To sum it all up, it was one heck of a party!

Arcade Fire could not have been a better headliner for Saturday’s Wayhome experience. The setlist was a perfect collage of their four albums, with latest release Reflektor receiving a TON of love. With plans to release a new album next year, it was fantastic to get caught up with this incredibly talented group of Quebec musicians!

How can you sum up Vince Staples in such a short span of words? The incredibly talented emcee completely annihilated his set. Hard-hitting bangers from Summertime ’06 were the definite crowd-pleasers. When the first piano note of “Senorita” hits, and the crowd instantly starts screaming for the bass to kick in, you know you’re in for a treat. Don’t miss this rising hip-hop star before he catapults into the stratosphere.

It’s hot, it’s sweaty, but to be honest we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Day 2 of Wayhome was one for the books. If we had a diary, you know like those old-school ones with a lock and maybe a KEEP OUT sticker on the front, we’d mark this day down with two things: a music note and a heart. And with this, I think we can say we’re ready for the final day. Grab your waters, slather on that SPF, and get ready to rock your heart out in the crowd. We double dog dare you to jump in and crowd surf! For the story! Okay, only if it’s safe 😉

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