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UMUSIC X Osheaga – Day 1 Recap!

Posted on July 30, 2016

Bonjour + welcome to Quebec. We landed in Montreal early this morning for the music festival that’s been the word of the town for the past 11 years, Osheaga!

After camping out last weekend at Wayhome and nearly melting in the sun, it was quite nice to land at the Montreal airport and go directly to a hotel — air conditioner included! Either way, no matter where we’re sleeping, we once again find ourselves in a weekend full of music. How do we feel about that? 100% excellent. Music is our love!

Here’s how the first day of Osheaga 2016 looked for us:

Before we even had the chance to explore the camp ground, we ran into the familiar face of Jack Garratt. He first snuck his way onto our snapchat (Watch here), then played a quick round of UMUSIC 5, before taking the stage and impressing the crowd with his one-man talents. If you aren’t already familiar with the British singer, we’ve got 5 things for you to learn about him…and we can promise, the fifth is quite insane!

A little later on during day 1 of Osheaga 2016, we decided to check out Dear Rouge‘s set. While we’ve seen this duo multiple times in the past, each time they perform, there is something new to indulge in. Today it was Danielle’s impeccable style, and the way she sang with movement and passion. Exhibit A: this glamourous head bang:

Check out this pic we took during Dear Rouge‘s electric Osheaga set!


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To wrap up our perfect day in Montreal, we caught The Lumineers at their main stage set; and my oh my were there feelings galore! Not only did the crowd know every single lyric to every single song, but the excitement grew to a whole new level when the band came off the large stage onto a smaller one, WITHIN THE CROWD.

What a day to be a fan of The Lumineers — it all went down at the festival + you bet we caught some pics for our scrapbook:


Scroll down to see all photos from Osheaga:Day 1

As the day officially came to an end, we started to see the Osheaga sign light up the night…and that’s when it truly finally kicked in, festival season is in full swing!

Time to nap up and prepare for Day 2 of this amazing festival featuring July Talk, Aurora, Bastille, Lana Del Rey and SO many more!!

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