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Beautiful Inside and Out: Alessia Cara Inspires Us in Teen Vogue Interview

Posted on September 14, 2016

Being in the spotlight isn’t all about glamour and glitz.

In her latest interview with Teen Vogue, pop princess Alessia Cara gets real, sharing her views on beauty, and her goals as an artists.

Alessia exposes some of her own issues growing up and relates to us in saying that “we all have insecurities and you’re not alone. If anything, it’s the most universal thing in the world.”

But she’s hoping that: “…with the help of music and the help of people speaking out, that will eventually change.”

Alessia teamed up with I AM THAT GIRL, an organization that aims to support young women in achieving self-worth, to create this awesome promo video:

And the collaboration couldn’t be more fitting. Remember “Scars To Your Beautiful?” The song is essentially a PSA to all young women, promoting self-love and diversity. Plus did you know Alessia went bare faced during the video? She reveals in her Vogue interview that “people think that to be a pop star you have to look a certain way. I want to show people that there’s an alternative.”

And while Alessia aims to inspire us, she also praises some of the women who inspired her, such as Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, and Pink.

“They weren’t really the conventional type of beauty, especially Amy,” she tell Teen Vogue. “It was just so different, and people learned to love her for her music because of that. That’s what I hope people do with me, and see me for the artist I am, rather than what I’m wearing or what I look like.”

We are so proud of Alessia’s success as both an artist and a social advocate. She is truly an inspiring role model for young women today!

Catch the full interview here.