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Meet Julia Jacklin: The Singer Songwriter from Australia

Posted on October 07, 2016

We got invited to a showcase not too long ago, for an artist called Julia Jacklin. If we’re being blatantly honest, we had never heard the name before, but were quite excited to treat our ears to some new sounds. And my goodness, was it a treat! How would we explain her sound? We’d classify it as indie-folk with a tiny sliver of grunge. Have a listen for yourself to this gorgeous single, “Pool Party.”

October 7, 2016 marks the Australian singer-songwriter-guitar playing artist’s debut album release.  We couldn’t be more excited for the whole world to discover her!

Press Play On: Don’t Let The Kids Win

“I thought it was going to be a heartbreak record,” says Julia of Don’t Let The Kids Win. “But in hindsight I see it’s about hitting 24 and thinking, ‘What the fuck am I doing?’ I was feeling very nostalgic for my youth. When I was growing up I was so ambitious: I’m going to be this amazing social worker, save the world, a great musician, fit, an amazing writer. Then you get to mid-20s and you realize you have to focus on one thing. Even if it doesn’t pay-off, or you feel embarrassed at family occasions because you’re the poor musician still, that’s the decision I made.” In person Julia is funny, wry, quick to crack a joke. It makes the blunt honesty and prickly insight laced through her songwriting disarming, a dissonance she delights in. “Especially coming from my family,” says Julia. “They don’t talk about feelings at all. I love writing songs about them and watching them listen and squirm. To me that’s great. I enjoy it.” We sat down with Julia, before her album launch & decided to go entirely off the traditional music script. We asked for 5 random facts about herself, and she 100% delivered 🙂 Watch & enjoy: