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6 Shawn Mendes Covers To Illuminate Your Day

Posted on October 23, 2016

Let’s be Honest. We are FAR from over listening to Shawn Mendes‘ new album Illuminate. Shawn’s album has been at the top of our playlists for a while now and we can’t help but continue to ride the Mendes wave. What makes his music so great is that it really resonates with his fans. And while we can’t get enough of his music, it can be really refreshing to hear other people take on his soon-to-be classics.

That being said, here are 6 Shawn Mendes covers to Illuminate your day and leave you feeling good.

Matt DeFreitas – “Mercy” Cover

Have Mercy on us Matt! That was fantastic.

Jonah Baker – “Treat You Better” Cover

Yup, you absolutely treated us better with your cover, Jonah.

Chris Brenner – “Ruin” Cover

Chris, you definitely did the OPPOSITE of Ruin that cover!

Doug Panton – “Don’t Be A Fool” Cover

The rasp in your voice Doug is unbelievable. You’re not fooling anyone there!

Annie Pattison – “Three Empty Words” Cover

These three words are far from empty: Annie’s. Cover. Slays.

Pedro Rivas – “Honest” Cover

Beautiful use of the loop station Pedro, honestly!

There you have it! If you can think of another great Shawn Mendes cover, let us know in the comments below.