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Ellen Scares Some Of Our Favourite Artists and it’s HILARIOUS!

Posted on October 29, 2016

Just in time for Halloween, watch some of your favourite artists get the sh*t scared outta them in these hilarious Ellen Scares tactics straight from her show!

Selena Gomez

Selena can’t keep her fears to herself:

Ellen Scares Ellen Scares Ellen Scares


Now Drake is a real Jumpman:

Ellen Scares

Nicki Minaj

Ellen has Nicki twitching from side to side:

Ellen Scares Nicki


We don’t know what he did to get this, but is it too late now for Justin to say sorry?:

Ellen Scares Justin

Taylor Swift

We hope Taylor can shake these off:

Ellen Scares Taylor Ellen Scares Taylor Ellen Scares Taylor

(apparently this happened a total of 8 times!)


My lovely lady JUMPS. Fergie gets the Halloween treatment on an holiday special.

Ellen Scares Fergie

To catch the all the scares (with build up and all) check out this compilation of Ellen Scares here:

Which reaction did you think was funniest? We hope it was yours 😉 Let us know in the comments below!