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(NSFW) Neiked’s Feeling Colourful in New "Sexual" Lyric Video

Posted on November 02, 2016

Remember that incredibly catchy, pop-smash that we danced to all summer? Well it’s back! Neiked bears all, in their new “Sexual” Lyric Video and it looks just as fun as the track sounds.

In just a short span of time, “Sexual” has hit 55 million streams on Spotify, and #5 on iTunes and #2 on Shazam in the UK! So it’s no wonder the collective decided to team up with some sweet animators to come up with this playful vid.

Full of comic book cartoon vibes, the video is PERFECT.

neiked - sexual lyric video

This vid plays with supa dupa colourful animations combined with lyrics, love, dinosaurs, and jello-cakes (among other things). This makes for some sweet karaoke visuals.

neiked - sexual lyrics video

Check out the playful vid here and let us know what your favourite part is in the comments below: (Note: Some images are explicit – viewer discretion is advised).

“Sexual” Lyric Video – Neiked