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Troye Sivan Turns Toronto Blue & Beautiful

Posted on November 09, 2016

On November 8, 2016 Troye Sivan took over Toronto’s REBEL and turned the venue into a dance party!


In February 2015, Troye canceled his Canadian tour dates as he was not feeling well enough to perform. Almost one year later and the Blue Neighbourhood sensation was ready to rock this city! Troye even admitted that he has been trying really hard to stay on top of his health, cause he did not want to skip another Toronto date.

When we say the venue turned into a dance party, we are in no way kidding. Troye opened the night with his hit single,”WILD,” which features Ontario’s own Alessia Cara.  As soon as the female vocals came in, the room jumped thinking Alessia herself had taken the stage. While she was not there, the room sang so loud that they lead Troye to call them “a bunch of absolute legends.” And that was only the start!

Performing to a backdrop of luscious visuals, including water and waves, Troye turned the room every beautiful colour you could imagine. From pink to purple, to full on BLUE – when the track of the same name came on.

The night was something for the books.

While the US Elections were taking place at the same time, Troye’s show was not nearly as tense. It was full of love! There was actually even a proposal! Genuine perfection. In line with the election, and the same-sex proposal, Troye was inspired to speak some motivational words to the LGBTQ community:

The room was so full of positive vibes, we’re kind of curious how we can relive the experience over and over again.

Did we mention there was a special guest? Troye actually has a lot of family in Toronto, which is pretty damn cool since he’s from Australia. Anyways, he brought out his baby cousin Eve and it was too precious. Children with headphones on at shows and festivals are always our fave. Anyone else go “that’s gonna be my kid in the future!”? or just us?


Troye also told the crowd he loves the Canadian accent and tried it out for a few hysterical and fantastic seconds:

Basically, Troye Sivan had the crowd hooked at every level. Like for real…we were beaming the entire night & we wouldn’t change that for anything. Thank you Troye for making all of our hearts sing. Think you can handle a little more of the Troye magic? Check out these pics we snapped. Real story: it was so hard to shoot, cause like, we were so close to Troye. We won’t ever forget this night!