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What the D in DNCE Should Really Stand For

Posted on November 26, 2016

Ok so, DNCE recently released their self-titled album, DNCE and while all ears are on the new single “Blown,” we’ve been doing some work with our noses.

After a bit of sniffing, we’re starting to think the D in DNCE stands for DOGS. I mean DNCE and Dogs seem to be a re-occurring thing with these guys. So to prove our theory, we’ve gathered all the evidence that suggests, D stands for dogs and TBH, we have zero problems with it!

Check it out…

That time Cole Whittle looked like this puppy (Or Vice Versa)


That Time They Posed In This Infamous Shoot With Furry Friends In NYC


That Time They Played with Charlie on The Today Show


That Time Jin-Joo Had Fun With This Korean Puppy Filter


That Time Joe Jonas Let the Dogs Out With This Snapchat Filter


That Time The Whole Crew Based Their Costume On A Movie About Dogs


That Time They Named Their Top Famous Dogs on A Radio Show

DNCE and Dogs

That Time Jack was a Hot Dog


That Time Jin-Joo Was An Actual Dog


That Time Joe Jonas Face-timed with a Dog


That Time Jack Was In An Instagram Account For His Nephew Gary


That Time This Instagram Account Also Existed

DNCE and dogs

And This One

DNCE and Dogs

That Time Doug The Pug met Joe Jonas


That Time Jin-Joo Practiced the Guitar with This Puppy Named Styles


That time this French Bull-Dog hung out with the band back-stage


That time Cole dressed this dog up in something he would probably wear


That Time Jack Was Basically A Dog Company


Finally…That Time They Inexplicable Included this Dog In Their Cover of Rihanna’s “Work”

Well that concludes our DNCE and dogs theory. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below, and if you haven’t heard it already, check out D(ogs)NCE ‘s new album here: