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Official Holiday Artist Holiday Wishlist!

Posted on December 06, 2016

The holidays are coming up, and whether you’ve been naughty or nice, everyone’s got a wish list for Santa.

SO if you had to shop for your favourite artists, what do you think they’d like? We asked these 5 artists to give us their top 3 things on their holiday wish list. Here’s what they had to say:

James Barker Band

Sorry, you won’t get away with a shareable gift here. The boys of James Barker Band each want VERY different things…


  1. Lock of Shawn Mendes’s Hair
  2. Free tattoos for life
  3. Tour bus for me…and no one else in the band


  1. Home Theater – Cinema Style
  2. Taylor Guitar
  3. Golden key to Lays Potato Chip Factory


  1. Yetti Cooler
  2. New Dodge Cummins Truck
  3. Fudge


  1. 1975 F250
  2. DW Drumkit
  3. Tickets to Kendrick Lamar



Meg of Repartee has a pretty achievable list, what do you think…

  1. A van kitty that loves travelling so we can take them on tour
  2. Lite Brite cause wouldn’t that be a rad stage prop?
  3. The entire box set of every single season of Survivor to watch backstage after soundcheck

The Beaches

These items might be hard to come by, but The Beaches are willing to share…

  1. An SM7B Shure microphone
  2. Young Thugs “Jeffrey” Mix tape on Vinyl
  3. Anakins Star Wars Force FX Light Saber

July Talk

Hey July Talk, we totally wish for the same…

  1. Death of patriarchy + all that its flawed systems entail.
  2. More love + conversation. Less hate.
  3. Blue Jays World Series.

Shawn Hook

Shawn Hook is number two some sort of gift to us…

  1. World Peace
  2. Release New Music in 2017
  3. Indestructible Luggage

Alx Veliz

Alx Veliz wishlist is like all his favourite things combined…

  1. More family time
  2. A 2 week vacation in Jamaica
  3. Bruno Mars tickets

Serena Ryder

For hand-made gift givers, we think you could stitch something up for Serena Ryder

  1. Cat pajamas for Bowie
  2. Starboy on Vinyl
  3. Oh, and world peace

Ps. How cute is Bowie:

Serena Ryder Wish List

Florence K

Florence K is not looking for “things” this year…

  1. I wanna spend as much time possible with my sisters, my daughter, my friends and my family. Catch up on all of them since this fall has been pretty intense for me schedule wise.
  2. I’m looking forward to watching tons of movies in my pyjamas with warm coffee. Eventually get up and go skiing.
  3. Keep working on my upcoming novel. Writing makes me feel so good.

and if Santa is feeling generous next year…

  1. I hope that the Canadian government will look into making sure all industries operate on a fair-trade basis.
  2. I hope that we all realize that if we keep producing and consuming at the rate we are going, there won’t be much left of the earth quite pretty soon.
  3. I hope that women’s rights across the world will be the equal of men’s rights.

The Tenors

Fraser Walters, we love the idea of some R&R…

  1. My wish is to see my wife, extended family, and friends enjoy some much needed R&R together with our 4 month old baby girl Hope Elizabeth Walters. This will not only be Hope’s first Christmas, but also her first experience at my mom and dad’s crazy carol sing party! 🙂 We are truly blessed and grateful, and we send light and love to everyone this holiday season!

Clifton Murray, how sweet…

  1. A trip to India with my wife Rachel as volunteers for Free The Children. Rachel is of Goan descent and has never been to her homeland. We want to experience the country and the culture and the food but more importantly contribute to a movement that have successfully built and refurbished hundreds of schools, created health centers, organized women’s alternative income groups and more.
  2. The WE Villages projects in India take place in the Udaipur and Rajsamand district in the northern desert state of Rajasthan, which suffers from many environmental, economic and social crises. Girls in India, specifically among tribal populations of Rajasthan, experience a great number of gender disparities—they have the highest female illiteracy rate in the entire country. Child labor is also a rampant throughout the region.

Victor Micallef, that would be awesome…

  1. Dear Santa, My Christmas wish is to have a fun game of hockey shinny with my 8 year old son Zac and some of The Toronto Maple Leafs! Extra cookies by the Xmas tree if you make this happen!



What’s on your wishlist this year? Share with us in the comments below!

And while you wait for those wishes to come true, get your holiday groove on with our official Holiday Playlist: