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Tor Miller, We’ll "Always" Love You!

Posted on December 16, 2016

Just in time to keep us cozy this Holiday season! Tor Miller has released his latest music video for “Always” from his debut album American English and it’s giving us that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Something about Tor’s voice just makes us smile. Oh and also that jaw line …

The premise of the video is simple enough. Tor is trying to make it from one end of a tunnel to the other, when all of a sudden a two clone-like women try to distract him with the robot dance.

Luckily, Tor is a pro and powers through. However, just when we think he’s safe, a BUNCH of other clone-like women enter the scene and try to work their magic.

Tor only looks back once, and keeps walking towards the end of the tunnel. You got this man! His last obstacle comes in the form of a Piano, which Tor can’t resist.

Regardless of falling for the piano trap, Tor makes it out to the other side of the tunnel! Tor gave special shout outs to the girls in the vid on his Instagram.


Watch the entire music vid below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Tor Miller – “Always