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If 2017 Went Exactly As We Dreamed…

Posted on January 03, 2017

Hello & welcome to 2017. Almost wrote 6 there! That’s gonna take a little getting used to.

But hey! Isn’t 7 like a really lucky number? 7 days of the week, 7 colours in a rainbow, 7 notes on a musical scale, 7 seas, so like….this year is bound to be a good one! What do you want to see happen this year? Here are 5 things we’d love to see in 2017… if it went exactly as we dreamed – based on events in 2016. 

Niall Horan & Shawn Mendes Collab

The bromance that blossomed at the 2016 AMAs still has all our hearts skipping a beat. Can these two make it official and get on a track together???

@niallhoran is a lad

A video posted by Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes) on Nov 20, 2016 at 10:45pm PST

Taylor Swift Drops A Brand New Album

We’re still on a sugar high from how sweet 1989 was; but there’s nothing we’d fall more deeply in love with then another T Swift album. Hopefully her late 2016 “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” collab with Zayn Malik is only the beginning of new material.

James Barker Band Go On Tour With Dierks Bentley

After Dierks surprised JBB on stage at a small bar in Toronto in August; and then continued to sing “Lawn Chair Lazy” on stage at Boots & Hearts, we think the country guys for reals bonded. We’d lose our sh*t if we heard they were touring together! Never say never.

Drake and Rihanna Announce Engagement

We will never be able to get over this moment from the 2016 MTV VMA & we want to re-live it over and over for the rest of life. Also, they’d be the most fire couple since fire couples were a thing. So yeah, we ship that!

Justin Bieber Joins a Dating App

JB announced on Ellen in December of 2016 that he’s single…he did also say he’s never been on a dating app. But hey – we all said we wouldn’t join dating apps, and then find ourselves swiping through em on our morning commute. AMMIRIGHT AMMIRIGHT????

Plus hey, Zac Efron even did it. Imagine telling that story to your friends!

Who wouldn’t swipe right on Justin freaking Bieber!!

What do you want to see happen this year? Comment and let us know, below!