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5 Times Bobby Bazini’s Lyrics Have Inspired Us

Posted on March 08, 2017

Above: Bobby Bazini rocks the house at Ste-Thérèse. (ALEXANDRE COUTURE / @minuscoutur)

After listening to Bobby Bazini‘s latest album Summer Is Gone on repeat since it’s release date, our inspiration levels have increased 100%! Why is that you ask?! Because Bobby’s ability to inspire us through song is clearly evident in his lyrics – that’s why!!

Check out these 5 Bobby Bazini lyrics and get inspired yourself:

C’est La Vie

Oh, c’est la vie, sometimes you gotta let things be
You can fight it if you want to
There’s nothing you can do
Let it go, and love will set you free

Blood’s Thicker Than Water

Brother, don’t worry, it’s alright
There’s no darkness without the light

Where I Belong

I’ve been through bad times, but I found my way
When you found me and now I know
Where I belong

Bird Has Flown

No more hiding
Darkness rising
Shadows are dancing on their own
In the morning
Embers burning
Spread your wings
This bird has flown

Where The Sun Shines

Don’t know where this road goes
Or the river flows
But it’s going to take me where the sun’s shining again

Feeling inspired yet? Let us know some of you own fave inspiring lyrics in the comments below! Check out Bobby’s entire album, Summer Is Gone, for even more great tunes.

Bobby Bazini – Summer Is Gone