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James Barker Band Gives Us “Chills”

Posted on March 08, 2017

The teasing is over. James Barker Band’s new single is here, and we’ve got chills 😉

We couldn’t resist that one! But actually, “Chills” gives us chills. Have a listen and then we’ll elaborate!

JBB are known for their fast paced party anthems. “Chills” shows the band slowin things down, in the best way possible. It’s got a catchy vibe these boys are pros at, but also the country lyrics that has our heart beating.

“When I see you on Friday night; steppin out on the porch in the moonlight, so fine.” “The way you’re walking in that little black dress. Girl you got me and you know it. Same one you wore on the night we met; don’t think I didn’t notice.”

Yup, we have chills, a crush and everything in between.

James Barker Band, you have us hooked ❤️