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Workout To Alex Aiono’s “Work The Middle”

Posted on March 08, 2017

Get out your gym shoes cause it’s about to get sweaty up in here. Youtube sensation, Alex Aiono, has just dropped a music video for his debut single, “Work The Middle.” It all goes down in a steamy gym with Alex practicing his boxing moves. He also gets a bit of help from some FIT looking women.

Sweaty Alex is not what we’re typically used to seeing. Sexy Alex on the other hand happens every day. The music video actually starts out like most of his original youtube video, catching us off guard when it suddenly switches to him in a dimly lit gym. Good fake out there! LOL

Now what are you waiting for? Check out the HOT music vid below!

Alex Aiono – “Work The Middle

Not only did Alex drop his debut music vid, but he also celebrated his 21st birthday! He took to twitter to share his excitement.


And it’s a fine signature, Alex! Happy Birthday bae! <3 Wish Alex a Happy Birthday in the comments below.