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Lady Gaga’s Best Looks: 2008-2017

Posted on March 28, 2017

Iconic would not even begin to describe the work of art that is Ms. Lady Gaga. She not only represents what it means to truly OWN IT, but also is quite literally the definition of #BAWSE. And while her artistry has undoubtedly changed how we listen to music and understand live performances, Ms. Gaga has completely DOMINATED the world of fashion as well. Here are some of Lady Gaga’s BEST looks from the time she first appeared on the scene, up until the present.


Taking it back to the year that the world was graced by the talented, soon-to-be phenom. Pretty sure everyone was Lady Gaga for Halloween that year.



Just ahead of the release of Bad Romance – one of her most popular (and ICONIC) music videos – Gaga accepted the award for MTV’s Best New Artist…and she was only just getting started.


And lets not forget this equally iconic moment created on the grounds of the MuchMusic parking lot at the channel’s annual awards show in 2009.

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