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5 Reasons We’re Having Coachella FOMO

Posted on April 14, 2017

Unfortunately this weekend we will be attending #NOchella. Yes that does mean we won’t be attending Coachella 2017. Cue the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Here are 5 reasons we’ll be glued to the coachella live stream & scrolling through the #Coachella hashtag all weekend longs.

Arkells Are on The Lineup

After releasing a surprise single, “Knocking At The Door,” last week, the Hamilton, Ontario boys are heading to the desert. Did you see their JUNOs performance? Imagine that on a festival stage. The crowd will be sweating, not just cause of that California climate.

That Festival Fashion!

When the snow melts away, we instantly want to re-load our wardrobe with summer staples. Coachella’s at just the perfect time for us Canadian’s to get some summer inspo & prep our festival fashion. Last year we wanted it all…we already know this year will be the same.


The Ferris Wheel Pics

If you’ve ever been to the festival (or scrolled through the hashtag), you know just how iconic the Coachella ferris wheel is. It’s kind of like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or CN Tower in Toronto. Once these pics start rolling in, the FOMO starts bubbling.


Headliner Heaven

Kendrick Lamar just dropped his brand new album, DAMN, and Lady Gaga replaced Beyonce (who had to cancel due to doctors orders). AKA. this weekend’s festival goers are in for a TREAT. Remember Gaga at the SuperBowl?

Light that FOMO on fire and let it burn.

Lorde performing Green Light

We have not been able to turn off Lorde’s absolute jam, “Green Light,” since first listen. We watched her perform it on the SNL stage and can just imagine the first time it will be played at a Festival. Hands up if you’re currently buying your Osheaga ticket just thinking about it. Toooo good.

Also, we can’t wait to see Lorde’s outfit. She rocked it in that sparkle backless top on SNL. So ready for her festival looks! — Lucky for us, we don’t have to literally die of FOMO this weekend. Coachella will be streaming performances all weekend long. Bookmark this link, and get ready for home-chella.

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