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6 Artists Who Have The Most Adorable Pets

Posted on April 21, 2017

Everybody loves animals, right?! Well everyone from Justin Bieber to Demi Lovato sure do! We’ve put together a list of 6 of our fave artists and their adorable cuties to give you ultimate “OMG AWWWW” feels. We don’t even think you’re ready for the cuteness that’s about to come.

Okay, let’s not delay this any longer. WE ALL WANT TO SEE ADORABLE PETS! Let’s dive in:

Demi Lovato & Batman


Ariana Grande & Toulouse


Lady Gaga & Koji


James Barker & Bobby


Katy Perry & Nugget


Justin Bieber & Todd


OUR HEARTS!! Ugh that was too much to handle. Cuteness overload!

Okay everyone take a breath. Now that we’ve composed ourselves, tweet us @umusic if you have any other fave artist pets!