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If These 6 Artists Weren’t Singing They’d Be Doing What?!

Posted on April 23, 2017

Have you ever thought about what your favourite artist would be doing if they weren’t making hits and performing shows all over the world?! What would Katy Perry be doing if she wasn’t performing at the Super Bowl, or Hailee Steinfeld if she wasn’t starring in Pitch Perfect?! That’s exactly what we think every single day! We put together a list of what we thought these next 6 artists would be doing if they weren’t singing today:

Katy Perry // HairDresser

Give us a cut anytime Katy! Shave it all off it you have to! LOL


Ellie Goulding // Personal Trainer

Work it gurl! We’re feeling motivated to hit the gym already!


Taylor Swift // Chef

OMG YUM!! We’ll take a dozen to go please!


Hailee Steinfeld // Fashion Designer

We’d wear anything she put her hands on! Such an eye for style.


Justin Bieber // Hockey Player

And the 2017 NHL Draft begins now! As their number one pick, Umusic selects Justin Bieber!


Shawn Mendes // Guitar Teacher

What a dream it would be to have Shawn as your guitar teacher! It would be SO hard to focus though …


So what do you think?! Would you agree? Let us know what you think these artists would do if they weren’t being world known superstars by tweeting us @umusic.