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Katy Perry Brings Out Migos At Met Gala 2017 & Hailee Steinfeld Captures It All

Posted on May 02, 2017

Amongst all the hype of fashion and style at the 2017 Met Gala, one thing we all REALLY wanted to see was Katy Perry‘s exclusive performance for the A-list guests in attendance. Lucky for us, Hailee Steinfeld captured it all and put it up on her Insta Stories! Bless your millennial ways gurl!!

It starts out with Hailee doing what we all would do in her situation. She fan girled!

When she gives a WOOO and then immediately confesses she’s “that person” … LOL we love you. Btw, Katy is KILLIN’ it! “Teenage Dream” anyone?!

And then Katy get’s RIGHT into her new hit, “Bon Appetit” with ease!

That’s when Katy brings out Migos and Hailee can’t keep herself contained, yelling “I’m about to lose my mind … YESSSS!!” Trust us, we would have done the exact same!

Of course once Migos hits the stage, you already know it’s about to get BAD & BOUJEE!

At this point, Hailee wasn’t the only one hyped up from the performance. Both Jaden Smith and Lil Yachty jumped on stage to join Migos, and add to the energy.

Such a fun looking night! We’re so happy Hailee was able to capture it all! Would you jump on stage with Katy Perry and Migos if you were there?! Let us know by giving us a tweet @umusic. Say thanks to Hailee for capturing this beautiful moment by giving her latest track “Most Girls” a listen below.

Hailee Steinfeld – Most Girls