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Nicki Minaj Wants to Pay Your School Tuition – For Real

Posted on May 08, 2017

Have you ever tweeted a celeb something crazy? Maybe how much you love them, or asking them to be your prom date? Well, one fan asked Nicki Minaj to pay their school tuition and here’s what happened:

They don’t call her the Generous Queen for nothing…

This tweet spiraled into numerous others:

Nicki Minaj making dreams come true on a casual Sunday evening. And those tweets were literally only the beginning. Nicki went on to tweet more than 20 people back with “got ya” or “DM ur info.” HOW AMAZING? Cherry on top? Nicki said she was going to do this all again in a month or two. If anyone had a reason to hit that 4.0 – here’s your motivation.

We’ve seen Twitter sprees in the past; but we gotta say – Nicki just won the title right here. Click here to see more of the tweets she responded to. And make sure to keep those marks up and turn on Tweet notifs, for the next round.