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Lights Takes On A New Persona From Her Very Own Comic Book

Posted on June 15, 2017

Okay this, you have to read! Electro-pop queen, Lights, has recently been teasing her upcoming album: Skin&Earth. Leading into its release, Lights will be releasing six comic books to accompany the album drop. And get this: each comic is entirely written and illustrated by Lights herself. So f$*&ing cool. 😱 Each issue will be accompanied by a new track, and will follow the story of a young woman named En. Long story short – WE ARE TRIPPING OUT IN EXCITEMENT.

The digital intro issue has already been released (check it out here), and the first print issue will be available come July 12th!

Lights' intro for her Skin&Earth comic book series

Watch the teaser for this legendary project below: 

How incredible does that look?

Have you noticed the new hair colour and tattoo that Lights is sporting?? We thiiiink we might know where this new persona came from!!



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Obsessed yet? Cause we totally are.

INSIDER INFO: Lights started an account called skinandearthworld on Instagram. On this profile, fans can check out the map featured in the comic book series and click on different locations to find out more about them. Rumour has it, Lights has been hiding bits and pieces of her music here, for fans to find. Talk about next-level-awesome.

Excited for issue 2? Literally same. Make sure to go to your nearest comic book store, and ask them to pre-order Skin&Earth today.

Lights Holding Up Skin&Earth Order Form in a Catalogue

Wondering when the 2nd issue will drop? Well…on June 15, 2017 Lights commented how fans were starting to piece things together on the Instagram account mentioned above, and so she revealed the first single name – “Giants,” which you can now pre-save here. This could just be our excitement, but we feel like it’s on its way!