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WATCH: Billy Raffoul Drops Music Video Full of Emotion for “Driver”

Posted on June 20, 2017

You’ve heard of Billy Raffoul right? He’s the new Canadian singer/songwriter, being compared to Neil Young. Today his debut single, “Driver” gets it’s very own video!

With a somber atmosphere and dark colours, the music video is filled with emotions. Not only can you feel the emotion through Billy’s expressions, but the 180 degree aspect, where Billy can be seen upside down, also plays an effect. Did you catch the scenes underwater? We couldn’t stop thinking how long Billy had to hold his breath for during filming! Check it out:

“Driver” – Billy Raffoul

How mysterious were those footsteps at the end???

A short while ago, we got to see Billy Raffoul perform with his band, LIVE, in Toronto! He was absolutely amazing and left us wanting more!  Check out his live performance of “Driver” below: 

What do you think of Billy’s new music video? Comment/react below or tweet us @umusic to let us know your thoughts!