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Ariana Grande, We’re So Into You: Here Are 24 Reasons Why

Posted on June 26, 2017

It’s obvious, there are more reasons that can be listed when asked why we love pop princess, Ariana Grande, but, we decided to list our top 24 reasons here. Check them out below! 🙂 ❤️️ 


1. Her sense of style

2. Her collaborative spirit

3. Her incline to give back

4. Her love for animals


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5. Her hit tracks

6. Her voice

7. Her live performances

8. Her laugh

9. Her immense fan appreciation


i love you

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10. Her work ethic


11. Her family values

12. Her goofiness

13. Her friendship with other artists

14. Her ability to impersonate singers on the spot

15. Her adorable Grandma



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16. Her cover of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

17. Her perfect hair flips

18. Her acting skills

19. Her use of Snapchat filters

20. Her incline to speak out on world issues


21. Her sense of humour

22. Her brother, Frankie Grande

23. Her relationship with Mac Miller

24. Her latest album, Dangerous Woman

Why do you love Ariana? Let us know by commenting/reacting below or tweeting us @umusic!