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WAIT – These 5 Artists Are From Canada?!

Posted on June 27, 2017

You probably know Justin Bieber is from The Great White North. Drake and The Weeknd too! However, with Canada’s big 150th birthday coming up, we wanted to highlight some other incredible artists that you may (or may not) know hail from our incredible nation! 

 Bobby Bazini

Straight outta Quebec, Bobby has released three studio albums to date, with Where I Belong, being the only Canadian release of the year to sell more than 100,000 copies domestically (that means in Canada!).

Shawn Hook

Showing an interest in music at the young age of four, this British Columbia native followed his passion, which led him to pursuing music professionally. Not to mention he now has a smash record with Vanessa Hudgens!


Lifelong friends Jed and Nathan moved from New Brunswick to Toronto to form NEW CITY! They quickly became a trio, when they met Adrian in the 6ix. The rest is history.

Mother Mother

Another band hailing from British Columbia, these rockers came together while in school. Formerly known as ‘Mother,’ they renamed themselves Mother Mother when signing their record deal in 2007. 

Serena Ryder

While Serena is originally from Ontario, she currently splits her time between ON and Los Angeles. Big on songwriting, Serena Ryder chose only a handful of songs, from over hundreds she had recorded for her latest album, Utopia.

Which artists from Canada are your favourite? Comment below or tweet us @umusic to give us your opinion! 🙂