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5 Ways To Celebrate Canada Day

Posted on June 29, 2017

The big weekend has finally arrived for our great country’s birthday. This year, Canada is turning 150 – what a milestone! 🙌

Here are five ways you can celebrate over your three day weekend 😎

1. Have a BBQ

What better way to get together and have a good time than over a good, barbecued meal? Yummyyyy. 😋 We can picture it now; food on the grill, table set, guests chatting, some maybe even swimming in the pool? All while the Canada 150 playlist is blasting over some speakers – PERFECT. 

2. Check out the many events taking place at the nation’s capital 

Although Ottawa always holds an event, this year, it is going to be hugeeeeeee, with performances by U2, Alessia Cara, Serena Ryder, Mother Mother AND MORE – even Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla are set to make an appearance! 😱 👑🎶 Find out more here!

3. Go camping 🏕

Find a campground nearby, pack some tents and bare essentials and drive on down! With friends and/or family, we’re sure this activity will leave you with tons of memories! PS – don’t forget the S’mores! 😉 

4. Host a house party

Ohhhh yeahhhh – what do we do when there’s a birthday? We CELEBRATE with a party! 🎉🎊 Woot woot! Get that speaker BUMPIN, get those invites out, and get to it. Plus, because of the three day weekend, we’re reminding you that you have two available nights to host the party, instead of one – you’re welcome 😉 Plus, we’re already hooking you up with a Canada 150 playlist, to save you the hassle of finding tracks to play!

5. Have a movie marathon

Okay, so we had to give you at least one indoor option, in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with any outdoor activities planned. That said, pull up Netflix or go to your local DVD rental shop (do these still exist?) and check out movies with some of our most famous Canadian actors – Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Reynolds, William Shatner, Jim Carrey…the list of Canadian talent goes on and on!

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Canada 150 Playlist

Do you have any other plans for Canada’s birthday weekend? Let us know by commenting/reacting below or tweeting us @umusic!