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The Ultimate Imagine Dragons Three-Track Mashup!

Posted on July 08, 2017

Is it “Believer”? Is it “Thunder”? Is it “Whatever It Takes”? Well, it’s not one of those, but rather all three Imagine Dragons‘ hit tracks, mashed up into one. 

The talented Sam Tsui is actually known for his super original mashups and for his latest release, he targeted Imagine Dragons. Taking three of their songs and finding a way to make them all sound good as one, this mashup is a must-watch. We don’t know about you, but we think Sam did an incredible job! He even managed to pick out some of our favourite parts of each track and feature them in his version. The best of all of this? His incredible flow throughout the entire song. Although Sam brought all three songs together by completely playing around with their tempos and melodies, we were still able to tell which was which. Pure musical magic!

Well, stop reading what we think about it, and watch the cover for yourself!

Incredible, right? Agree/disagree? Let us know by commenting/reacting below & tweeting us, @umusic!

If you love the mashup, we’re sure you’ll love the original tracks, which are all featured on Imagine Dragons‘ newest album, Evolve

Imagine Dragons – Evolve

Could you imagine an entire album mashup? Pretty sure we have your next challenge Sam! 😉