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Remember What Nick Jonas Told Us?

Posted on July 09, 2017

If you feel like getting out of your seat to dance, then we suggest you keep reading because that’s exactly what’s about to happen! When we watched Nick Jonas‘ music video to “Remember I Told You” featuring Anne-Marie and Mike Posner, we couldn’t contain ourselves! 

 Although most of the music video is shot in black and white, we can’t help but feel the energy being exuded through the room. Cutting between shots of Nick and his friends, Anne-Marie and Mike Posner for their respective verses, and so many others,  the music video keeps our eyes peeled on the screen. 👀 Well done Nick, well done. How do they make such a small space look like so much fun?!

Again, for the most part, the video is colourless! BUT just when you think it will stay that way for its entire duration – BAM, you are hit with shots of colour… 

UM WAIT HOLD UP – scroll back up a sec…is that the BONUS JONAS (aka Frankie Jonas) we see playing the electric guitar?! Why yes, yes it is! 😲💖

Okay back to the video! The video culminates with a…ah actually, we won’t tell you…you can see for yourself below! 😉

Listen to the BOMB track in it’s entirety, on repeat, below:

Nick Jonas ft. Anne-Marie & Mike Posner – “Remember I Told You”

What do you think of the music video? Comment/react below or, tweet us @umusic to let us know! 🙂