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Post Malone Explains How “Congratulations” Came To Be

Posted on July 14, 2017

Ever wonder how Post Malone‘s hit song, “Congratulations,” earned it’s name? When The Recording Academy sat down with Posty, he gave them the inside scoop…

He was in the studio one day with Metro Boomin and Frank Dukes (both producers of his song), as well as someone named Jay, when Jay laughed and afterwards said “congratulations!” Post thought that was a great song name and the rest is history. From there, the track started being produced, lyrics were written, vocals were laid, and voila – a full blown song was created! Incredible how one single moment can trigger something so grandiose in the end, eh? 😮


Post continues by saying that as an artist, though you may create a track, you never know if it’ll get the exposure or attention that you truly want it to. However, he also thought this song in particular was an important one to get out into the world. 

People used to call him a one hit wonder, due to his success with “White Iverson,” but he says that thanks to his success with “Congratulations,” as well (#8 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts YO!!) they can no longer say that! 🎉👏 What an incredible feeling to have as an artist — watching people truly enjoy your music.

Watch the entire interview here, which includes a video of Post Malone performing an acoustic version of his hit single! 🎸

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