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5 Reasons We’re Looking Forward to WayHome!

Posted on July 25, 2017

It’s almost time for one of our FAVE summer festivals and we are getting excited AF! 😱😁 We can’t wait (no but seriously, we really can’t wait!!) for Wayhome…have you seen the lineup?! Yoooo it’s going to be LITTTT! 🔥

Here are our top reasons as to why this festival cannot come SOON ENOUGH!

1. Camping = A Good Time

Not only is camping normally a ball, but, now we get to listen to dope music AND watch sick performances all day and night! Plus, we also get to stay within the action and camp on the grounds for the festival’s duration!! Now that’s what we call a party! 🎊

2. The Music…Duh

This was an obvious one. No explanation needed. Imagine Dragons, Banks, Mura Masa, Phantogram and way, way, wayyyy more. See the full lineup HERE!

3. It’s A Festival

Tbh, do we really need to say more? These are ALWAYS a good time. 

4. The Food

Ahhh yes, the beloved festival food. We’re working out extra hard before this weekend arrives, to make sure we can indulge in all of the festival food that we would like. 😋

5. The Party We KNOW It Will Be

Have we mentioned yet that thousands of people attend Wayhome on a yearly basis? That means we get to be surrounded by music lovers all weekend long, people who understand us and share the same obsession. What more could we ask for? ❤️️

Why are YOU excited for Wayhome? Let us know by commenting/reacting below, or tweeting us @umusic! 🙂