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Discover What Lorde’s Perfect Place Is In Brand New Video

Posted on August 05, 2017

What is your idea of a perfect place? In Lorde‘s music video to her hit song, “Perfect Places,” we can only assume that to her, it is an island. 

When the video was first released, Lorde posted the following tweet:

Through its duration, the video clips back and forth to scenes of Lorde floating in the water, standing on a boat and even walking along a sandy beach. 

This really looks like an island we would all like to travel to TBH. Especially if we could have a BFF experience with Lorde!

Back to the video! 

Lorde‘s facial expressions throughout, are so powerful. Exactly like her live performances, we can tell that she feels every, single, lyric that she belts out. 

Plus, did you see the part when she’s sitting at a table solo (looking BOMB 🔥) and has a bunch of food set out on the table? #Goals

Take a look at some behind the scenes pics, and let us know what you think of the music video by commenting/reacting below, or tweeting us @umusic! 🙂  


Cue the part where we loop “Perfect Places” on repeat:

Lorde – “Perfect Places”