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Demi Lovato Reveals When She Fell In Love With Joe Jonas

Posted on October 12, 2017

Rewind back to Camp Rock days where we could not get enough of Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas together.

Demi Lovato, alongside two of her close friends, take a trip down memory lane. The three react to a bit of old Demi footage from her young pageant days, to working on Camp Rock with the Jonas Brothers. 

The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer reveals the exact moment when she fell in love with co-star Joe Jonas. Hint: it’s a scene that we all probably gushed over while watching it back in 2008.

Demi Lovato - Joe Jonas - Blog2Photo Courtesy Of Buzzfeed

Demi Lovato - Joe Jonas - Blog

Camp Rock fans – who remembers this scene? ⬆️ This was the exact moment Demi said she fell in love with Mr. Joe Jonas – both on, and off screen. How cute?! 

“I love my past” says Demi, and WE love that she is reminiscing about her past with us. If you’re interested in seeing what else she has to say about her young love – watch the rest of the video right here: 

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How was that for a throwback? Who still secretly throws on the Camp Rock movies in their spare time? Let us know in the comments.