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Tell Me, How Much Do You Love These Maroon 5 Covers?

Posted on October 28, 2017

We are still jamming to “What Lovers Do” by Maroon 5.

There is much anticipation behind the release of Maroon 5’s new album, Red Pill Blues. Good news – it will be released VERY soon! But for now, we can enjoy a few covers for “What Lovers Do” by these talented individuals.

The hot track featuring SZA has the groove that makes you want to sing along whenever someone hits play. Join us in singing along with the track while you’re watching these covers. Slowed down or sped up, “What Lovers Do” sounds amazing in any form!

We hope you love these covers as much as we do, check them out below:

What Lovers Do – Sara Farell (Cover)

Sara Farell switches it up with a slowed down rendition of “What Lovers Do”. She makes this song her own, and it sounds absolutely beautiful. 

What Lovers Do – Mike Tompkins (Cover)

A one-man acapella cover!? You know you have talent when the instrumental is done without instruments! Definitely a cover you have to watch multiple times so you get to see each sound that Mike Tompkins creates.

What Lovers Do – Will Champlin & KHS (Cover)

Lastly, a KHS produced cover accompanied by the talented, Will Champlin. The guitar driven cover sounds great with Will’s raspy voice – but can we talk about the added sound effects? KHS definitely shows his creativity by providing some extra instrumental sounds using spoons, plates and mugs!

We can’t wait until Maroon 5’s new album Red Pill Blues comes out on November 3rd! 

Let us know if you enjoyed these covers! If you have any other recommendations for us, leave a comment down below or tweet us @umusic.