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You’ll Never Guess What Kind of Contract Niall Horan Just Signed

Posted on November 08, 2017

But will we catch him on the NYFW runway?

It goes without question that fans are loving Niall Horan’s new music. His singles, “Slow Hands” and “Too Much To Ask” have hit the charts with a bang and his debut album, Flicker secured the No. 1 spot after its release.

But even as Niall is currently touring the world for his Flicker Sessions, he also found some time to step out in a brand new direction.

With all his current success, Niall decided to up the ante and spend even more time in front of a camera by officially signing a modeling contract.  He was snapped up by Wilhelmina Models who’s roster also includes the likes Shawn Mendes.


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Did Niall ever picture himself sporting a modeling career? 

“Well, to be honest, no, not really. Obviously, I’m into the fashion side of things. I think it’s part of our culture, and what we do, and my job. I just kind of like fashion in general. I wouldn’t say I was a model,” he told Vanity Fair,“I’m far from that, but obviously Wilhelmina thinks different. It’s gonna be fun to see what happens. Now that it’s been put in front of me I’m just really excited about it to be honest.”


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He also took the chance to share a bit about his own fashion inspo, “I’ve got a couple of different styles that I like. If it was possible to transport easily I would wear a suit every single day I think. I would say I was pretty casual, but with a bit of a twist to it, and I sometimes can be quite folky and rootsy in what I wear. A lot of boots, and hats, and shirts. Yeah, quite basic, simple but effective type stuff.”


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Now to wait for his first official photoshoot as a model.

Tell us your thoughts on Niall’s new modeling career in the comments below, or tweet us @umusic.Until then, keep on listening to Flicker.