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Sam Smith Confesses To Being A Bit Of A Diva

Posted on November 09, 2017

Hint: it’s really not *that* bad.

Who would have thought that the humble Sam Smith would have his fair share of diva moments? Surprisingly, he does. According to him anyway.

He made the confession before going on stage at his BBC event, Sam Smith at the BBC. “Sometimes – and I’m really embarrassed about this – when they’re doing my makeup before I go onstage, people do up my laces for me,” Sam revealed. 

However, he’s not proud of this behaviour and admitted that he hates any type of diva demands. Although it has to happen sometimes, he prefers to never push requests: “I hate it. I feel like a diva. A diva or a three-year-old.”


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Speaking of the success of his debut album, In The Lonely Hour, Sam admitted to being more than a little shocked at the sudden success and fame. Keeping both the very sudden rise to fame and his age at the time, Sam said, “I did get a little bit… I wouldn’t say big-headed, but I was living in that scene way too much, and I needed to be brought back down to earth.”

But there was some humour in all of it, recounting a strange phase he had around the same time, Sam spilled, “There was one time when I wore a new pair of pants every day and threw all the old ones away. I got obsessed with wearing different pants every night. But that only lasted a month – I re-wear all my pants all the time now.”



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Sam was adamant that his diva days are well behind him, but we think everyone’s entitled to a little bit of diva-ness sometimes. For example, our Starbucks order takes the cake. Who else has had their fair share of diva moments 🙋? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @umusic.